Is the trip suitable for children?

Two-Young-Girls-Sailing2Yes, we take lots of families with children on our sailing trips. As long as the children are comfortable in the water and are good swimmers their age does not seem to matter. However, infants and very young children should probably not come because they can be a distraction to the other guests.

I’ve never snorkeled before and I am a poor swimmer.

825Not to worry. Captain Bill leads every snorkeling tour at Buck Island and has literally held people’s hands for their entire time in the water. The Captain is an expert at getting his guests to relax (the biggest factor there is in enjoying snorkeling) and enjoying their time in the water. All guests are encouraged to use “noodles”, a foam swim aid which will keep you afloat with no effort on your part.

Will I get sea sick?

That’s hard to say. On very rare occasions some people do get sea sick and it seems that ocean conditions are less of a factor then peoples anxieties and fears about getting sick. If you think you are prone to sea sickness take an over the counter medicine BEFORE you get on board.

Will I be able to take the wheel and sail Eden myself?

008Depending on weather conditions we try to give every one of our guests a turn at the wheel sailing Eden. Don’t worry the Captain is standing right next to you and he loves teaching a little bit about sailing as you sail Eden towards her next destination.

Is this tour a “booze cruise”?

No!!!! We do have an open bar policy but safety and consideration of other passengers is paramount during our trip. An ice cold beer or two or a rum drink while sailing is fine but the Captain will limit all alcoholic beverages if he thinks it is necessary.  SMOKING is not allowed on board for the entire duration of the tour.

I’m staying at the Marriott can I book directly through you?

No. We have a wonderful relationship with the Marriott’s Adventure Center and ask all Marriott guests to book through them.

Should I worry about sun exposure?

sail eden guests dec 013When we bought Eden the first thing we did was have a full cockpit cover (bimini it’s called) built so it is easy to stay out of the sun if you like.

Does Captain Bill really have a secret cove?

turtleYes.. he really does have a secret cove. And guess what? The turtles like it too.

What are your rates?

We charge $135 per person and $120 for children 12 and under.