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What our guests have to say...

Marnie T

January 2021

A gorgeous, once-in-a-lifetime experience! Captain Alex and Mark were so much fun and they were wonderful tour guides. The lunch was delicious and the views were incredible! We saw so many turtles, fish, stingrays, and even an octopus! An absolutely incredible experience!


Sherman Y

December 2020

My wife and I went on a sail with Mark and captain Alex today and had a blast. Communication with Mark was easy setting things up via email. The location was also easy to find. We went snorkeling and saw turtles and many different types of fish. They were kind enough to give my wife many tips on snorkeling as it was her first time. The lunch was also very tasty! Would definitely recommend to others!

Arie S

December 2020

Bringing 19 and 22 year olds out on a boat, (and keeping them engaged!) requires special people - Mark and Alex went BEYOND what was needed and were our heroes! Teaching out son about sailing, helping our daughter learn how to snorkel with sea turtles and rays all while keeping my wife happy with good drinks, stories and food proved just how awesome these people are!

We are lifelong sailors whose kids haven’t followed our passion, but EVERYONE had an amazing say and it really was because of the people! The sailing was awesome, the people even better, and the sights unreal! How many people get to swim alongside sea turtles and dolphins!?!?

Thank you Mark, Alex and Julie!!!!


Jenna N

St. Paul, MN - November 2020

We had such a great time sailing with Mark and Alex. It was a great opportunity to get out on the beautiful Caribbean waters and learn a little bit about sailing. We snorkeled with sea turtles and also went to a different location to snorkel a reef. Mid day we anchored and had a fresh cooked delicious lunch. The day was beautiful, relaxing, and informative. I highly recommend!

John & Jennifer P

Oceanside, CA - July 2020

Had a great day sail with The owner Mark and Capitan Alex were great. Sailed to St. John (Maho Bay) and Lovango Cay. Swam with the turtles, cool fish and even saw a baby octopus hiding in a rock. Mark cooked chicken skewers on the boat for lunch. Back to the marina by 4 p.m. tipsy, full and worn out. Highly recommend them if you want to really sail and just not motor around on a sail boat. Hell, Mark and Alex even let me sail the boat

Kathy J.jpg

Kathy J

MN - July 2020

Best day trip on a beautiful sail boat today! Only one other couple with us - nice and peaceful. We are from MN and ‘don’t Cha know ‘ they were from WI! Great conversation and lots of history and fun facts from Mark-owner and Capt Will. Great lunch on REAL PLATES AND REAL SILVERWARE! Thanks guys - we would go again in a heartbeat!

Becca E

MN - July 2020

We had an incredible day sailing with Mark and Captain Alex! Gorgeous snorkeling, delicious lunch, and a fun day learning about sailing! We saw turtles, schools of fish, an arrow crab, star fish and much to my son’s excitement an octopus! The best way to spend the day in St. Thomas. We will happily sail with them again.

Becca E.jpg
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